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I have thought about this also, but I need the variables in the ASP
session and I don't have the time line to rewrite the ASP pages over in
PHP.  The current ASP app took a year to develop.

I have thought about having PHP on both servers and having the PHP on
the 2000 server just save the variables to a XML file or ini file, then
have the ASP code read it in, but I thought there is probable some easy
solution out there for passing information around.  cURL looked like a
solution but I can't find information on it using ASP.

Maybe I am looking of a easy solutions that doesn't exist and will have
to just use the longer one.

Thanks for your input, Mark. _________________________________________
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Subject: RE: [PHP] Re: Passing variables between servers

> [snip]
> The session variables are need on both server for authorization needs.

> The two servers host two separate Intranet apps and I am trying to 
> join
> two together into one Intranet app.  The variable will be used on both

> sides.
> The reason I don't what to use cookie is your users keep disabling 
> them. They think a web site can use a cookie to break into their 
> computer. They also disable JavaScript a lot too. [/snip]
> What about installing PHP on the IIS server and when time comes to 
> pass
> the information using the same method?
> Trying to think outside the box ...
> Jay
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