After resolving other script problems, a new one has surfaced. The 'Guest 
Registration/Confirmation' script works as expected. It inserts a random id 
number, then fowards it to the guest's email address, and awaits confirmation 
(by clicking on the Confirmation URL).

Postfix says that the mail has been sent:

Aug 30 15:02:35 localhost postfix/qmgr[5366]: 879102004B0: 
from=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, size=540, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Aug 30 15:02:38 localhost postfix/smtp[7684]: 879102004B0: 
to=<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,[], delay=3, status=sent 
(250 OK)

But checking the mailbox of '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' (and three others that I've 
sent it to) nothing shows up. Now, what's strange, it used to work perfecttly 
before I made minor changes to $message. I've scanned/debugged/scratched my 
head but I can't figure what's going wrong.

The code that sent it out:

. . .
$to = $_SESSION['smail'];  // the guest's email address
$subject = "Please Confirm Your Registration";
$message = "blah, blah, blah

if(@mail($to, $subject, $message)) 

If some kind soul can spot what I'm doing wrong here, I'd be very grateful. 
This is the last area before I attempt to go on-line. . . . sigh!

(btw, I'm aware that the https is to 'localhost' since I've been debugging it 
at this end. It'll be changed once it goes live.)


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