On Friday 30 August 2002 03:38 pm, you wrote:
> On Saturday 31 August 2002 03:25, Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > But checking the mailbox of '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' (and three others that
> > I've sent it to) nothing shows up. Now, what's strange, it used to work
> > perfecttly before I made minor changes to $message. I've
> > scanned/debugged/scratched my head but I can't figure what's going wrong.
> What 'minor' changes did you make to $message? Does rolling back those
> changes make it work again?

I had just added another text sentence between "blah, blah, blah' and 
'https://....'. And yes, I tried rollbacks to when it worked. Nope - nothing 
comes through. So, I dumped my Postfix setup, re-installed, and same problem. 
(And blush, blush :  after the re-install I forgot to change the smtp server 
from 'localhost' to 'webhart.net' - but even after I fixed that, nothing 
comes through from this script.)

I figure it might be my postfix config, but then again, I can mail via Kmail 
(ergo this email) so it's got to be the script -- but where??


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