On Friday 30 August 2002 03:57 pm, you wrote:
> On Saturday 31 August 2002 03:52, Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > > What 'minor' changes did you make to $message? Does rolling back those
> > > changes make it work again?
> >
> > I had just added another text sentence between "blah, blah, blah' and
> > 'https://....'. And yes, I tried rollbacks to when it worked. Nope -
> > nothing comes through.
> So we've established that it is very unlikely that your problem is caused
> by the 'minor' changes to $message?
> > So, I dumped my Postfix setup, re-installed, and
> > same problem. (And blush, blush :  after the re-install I forgot to
> > change the smtp server from 'localhost' to 'webhart.net' - but even after
> > I fixed that, nothing comes through from this script.)
> >
> > I figure it might be my postfix config, but then again, I can mail via
> > Kmail (ergo this email) so it's got to be the script -- but where??
> What you can try is using error_log() to mail something -- yes RTFM if
> necessary. Presumably it uses the same mechanism as mail() to send mail. If
> that works then I think you can pretty much rule out postfix config
> problems and php.ini problems. Which then just leaves your code which you
> should post in full.

Hi Jason,

Oh, I feel so stupid! I found the problem -- I hadn't specified the mail 
agent in Opera (the latest browser I was testing with). The reason why it 
worked before was that I had used Konqueror and Mozilla as test browsers.

Sorry to waste your time. But thanks a heap for the excellent suggestions. 
(what made me check: the last time it worked was just before I had asked my 
IP to add filtermail to my last email account. He said it sounded like a 
browser problem with email sending.

Thanks aagin (as he shuffles slowly to a corner, blushing profusely :>)

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