Hi guys,
Kinda reached the end of my line, searched on yahoo,google,altavista,excite etc and 
hotscripts,scriptsearch etc but could not find what i require....

I need a shopping cart software which will display and sell .swf files, it does *not* 
have to integrate with ANY ecom credit card processing.

Basically all I want it to do is give me a chance to upload a .swf file in a category 
(eg: images/text/movies etc) and should allow the visitor to search that category,take 
an order and email it to me....

Have any or you seen such a script anywhere? unfortunately I dont know PHP to make it 
myself and am not rich to order custom programming......I am hoping that someone has 
already made the script and has made it available to the public.

or even if you know a place (URL) where I can learn shopping cart examples kindly 
direct me to it so maybe i can learn?

Cheers and thank you for reading this message.

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