Thanks for your reply,
I have no problems trying to make an upload script as I have seen lots of
dudes on the list doing so and I know if I screw up being a newbie there are
a lot of people on the list who will be kind enough to help me.
I am trying to learn PHP, and no, I did not think this was a newsletter to
get free programs, coz I tried the search engines and script archives and
didnt get anyway I was hopeing someone on the list had come accross such a
program....a desperate bid I know.
If I have to make this myself I was hopeing someone would share some
valuable info on shopping cart theory as i'm sure its pretty complex to
begin with.

I'll take your advise and see what I can find on PHP.net though, thanks.

-Ryan A.

> Hi,
> Making an upload script is really easy, I can't do it because of too much
> work, but you should learn php yourself to do that, anyway this is not a
> newsletter to get free programs. Just look at www.php.net and start
> the manual to learn PHP.
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> Hi guys,
> Kinda reached the end of my line, searched on
> etc and hotscripts,scriptsearch etc but could not find what i require....
> I need a shopping cart software which will display and sell .swf files, it
> does *not* have to integrate with ANY ecom credit card processing.
> Basically all I want it to do is give me a chance to upload a .swf file in
> category (eg: images/text/movies etc) and should allow the visitor to
> that category,take an order and email it to me....
> Have any or you seen such a script anywhere? unfortunately I dont know PHP
> to make it myself and am not rich to order custom programming......I am
> hoping that someone has already made the script and has made it available
> the public.
> Anybody?
> or even if you know a place (URL) where I can learn shopping cart examples
> kindly direct me to it so maybe i can learn?
> Cheers and thank you for reading this message.
> -Ryan
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