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> Hi guys,
> Kinda reached the end of my line, searched on yahoo,google,altavista,excite
> etc and hotscripts,scriptsearch etc but could not find what i require....
> I need a shopping cart software which will display and sell .swf files, it
> does *not* have to integrate with ANY ecom credit card processing.

So how do they place an order?  You said the cart produces an email, but
does that email include a credit card number, bank details or anything else

> Basically all I want it to do is give me a chance to upload a .swf file in a
> category (eg: images/text/movies etc) and should allow the visitor to search
> that category,take an order and email it to me....

There is a perfect upload example in the PHP manual.

The rest of it is all pretty standard shopping cart stuff, except you want
to be searching off directories of SWF files.  This is of course similar to
searching directories for MP3s or for images.  So perhaps this will help
broaden your search/cart search.

The strange bit is that in the case of a SWF, Image, MP3, etc etc, by the
time you search the directory and file the file, there's no point adding the
item to the cart, because you can just save (steal) it directly from the

> Have any or you seen such a script anywhere? unfortunately I dont know PHP to
> make it myself and am not rich to order custom programming......I am hoping
> that someone has already made the script and has made it available to the
> public.

The simple answer is to learn some PHP.  But first you need to refine your
business model and flow.  You don't need anything complex, but you have a
reasonably unique criteria, which is pretty conducive to learning some PHP
and building exactly what you want, just like most of us do everyday.

> Anybody?
> or even if you know a place (URL) where I can learn shopping cart examples
> kindly direct me to it so maybe i can learn?

Sorry, this is a really big question.  You really need to learn:

1. sessions (remembering a user, and remembering what the user has in thier
cart) -- maybe start with Kevin Yank's article and develop it into what you
need? http://www.webmasterbase.com/article/319

2. looking through directory structures (see the user contributed notes on
all of the filesystem pages of php.net:

3. email using mail() see php.net/mail

4. possibly SSL on the server

5. possibly encryption with a key using the mycrypt functions of PHP

I seriously doubt you'll find a cart which does everything you want... so
why not start researching these topics, and start building your own.   At
the end of the project, you'll know a heap about PHP :)


> Cheers and thank you for reading this message.
> -Ryan

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