Ya' know guys i'm sitting here thinking about this problem because I have
the same problem on one of my sites.  A bunch of inpatient stupid users whom
are click happy when they get impatient. Event a 100K upload can take to

I don't like the ASP idea.  It's really not a good solution.  I'm almost
wondering if a JAVA solution which can do FTP directly or maybe a direct
socket connection/transfer with Macromedia Flash would work. Both of these
ways you could better monitor what's going on at the packet level and
therefore giving a lot of control over something like a progress bar.  Who
knows.  It's got to be something other than PHP though because PHP is after
all only a server side language.

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You're right about it costing more money. But we had one server handling a
bunch of uploads, most of them over 25 MB, and 99% being instigated by very
impatient, not very technical, people. People who kept canceling and
canceling, despite our directions, because they thought it was stuck or
frozen or taking too long. It was worth $150 for us to buy the ASP component
(I think we used ABCUpload, maybe?). The development time required for a
creative PHP solution -- and one that might not have worked as well -- would
have been dramatically more expensive than the almost out-of-the-box
solution with ASP's components. (And much of the site was already written in

Other than that, you'll get know argument from me about ASP vs. PHP. I'm
head over heels for PHP and, in any context other than the one stated above
(and maybe one or two others), I would choose to use God Blessed PHP over
anything else.


P.S. I knew I'd get some fighters with that comment. Haven't learned my
lesson yet... ;-)

On the threshold of genius, Jay Blanchard wrote:

> [snip]
> There really isn't a great solution for this, that I know of. It's one of
> the few things that makes an argument for ASP over PHP, as far as I'm
> concerned (if you have the luxury of choosing). Below is what I did once
> try to get around the problem. It worked *okay*.
> [/snip]
> How does this argue for ASP over PHP? I don't see how. File upload on PHP
> built in and therefore free. ASP file upload mechs cost more money. And,
> having used ASP for a while, and having looked for this feature, no upload
> progress bar exists there either. And PHP is a language, where ASP is a
> service ... please do not confuse the two. If you want to argue VBScript
> PHP , well ,come on ... let's go. :^] PHP can beat VBScript with one
> curly-brace tied behind its back.
> I mentioned a while back, when this came up before (see the archives) that
> this could probably be done with an IFRAME in the upload dialog box. Now I
> haven't given this much thought, but maybe it could be done. The largest
> problem that I see is the communication back and forth between client and
> server. The server would have to know the original size of the file at the
> point the upload is started, then it would be checked for original_size
> minus bits_uploaded, flush the reults to the IFRAME drawing a GD graph,
> continue to do this as it went on.
> Another method is to start the upload with a non-progressive animation
> quits when is_upload_file() returns true.
> Jay

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