following my other posts i have a working flash progress bar , although i
cannot remove the empty arrays in the count how can i remove empty arrays in
an array , the empty file inputs seem to still contain something , so
instead of 1 as the count if you upload only one file , its still 5 for 5
file input fields

"Jed Verity" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> You're right about it costing more money. But we had one server handling a
> bunch of uploads, most of them over 25 MB, and 99% being instigated by
> impatient, not very technical, people. People who kept canceling and
> canceling, despite our directions, because they thought it was stuck or
> frozen or taking too long. It was worth $150 for us to buy the ASP
> (I think we used ABCUpload, maybe?). The development time required for a
> creative PHP solution -- and one that might not have worked as well --
> have been dramatically more expensive than the almost out-of-the-box
> solution with ASP's components. (And much of the site was already written
> ASP.)
> Other than that, you'll get know argument from me about ASP vs. PHP. I'm
> head over heels for PHP and, in any context other than the one stated
> (and maybe one or two others), I would choose to use God Blessed PHP over
> anything else.
> Cheers!
> Jed
> P.S. I knew I'd get some fighters with that comment. Haven't learned my
> lesson yet... ;-)
> On the threshold of genius, Jay Blanchard wrote:
> > [snip]
> > There really isn't a great solution for this, that I know of. It's one
> > the few things that makes an argument for ASP over PHP, as far as I'm
> > concerned (if you have the luxury of choosing). Below is what I did once
> > try to get around the problem. It worked *okay*.
> > [/snip]
> >
> > How does this argue for ASP over PHP? I don't see how. File upload on
PHP is
> > built in and therefore free. ASP file upload mechs cost more money. And,
> > having used ASP for a while, and having looked for this feature, no
> > progress bar exists there either. And PHP is a language, where ASP is a
> > service ... please do not confuse the two. If you want to argue VBScript
> > PHP , well ,come on ... let's go. :^] PHP can beat VBScript with one
> > curly-brace tied behind its back.
> >
> > I mentioned a while back, when this came up before (see the archives)
> > this could probably be done with an IFRAME in the upload dialog box. Now
> > haven't given this much thought, but maybe it could be done. The largest
> > problem that I see is the communication back and forth between client
> > server. The server would have to know the original size of the file at
> > point the upload is started, then it would be checked for original_size
> > minus bits_uploaded, flush the reults to the IFRAME drawing a GD graph,
> > continue to do this as it went on.
> >
> > Another method is to start the upload with a non-progressive animation
> > quits when is_upload_file() returns true.
> >
> > Jay
> >
> >

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