> Hi.  I'm putting together a form that needs to have multiple pairs of
> text inputs and checkboxes.  On the submit page I need to be able to
> associate one with the other, and the variable names themselves have
> identifying values embedded in their names.  What I need to know is
how do
> I
> access the variable name?  Suppose I have a variable name like this:
> $method_valueA_valueB
> I intend to use the name itself as a string I can then explode to
> the embedded data.
> How do I operate on the variable name itself?

You can't, AFAIK. You'd probably be better off by naming your input
elements as arrays.

<input type="text" name="method[A][B]">

etc... and then access it by $method['A']['B']...

---John Holmes...

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