Good Morning all

I need some help as to how to print this array, its input name is labtype
and they all have differnet values.

Amylase<input name='labtype' type='checkbox' value='Amylase'>
<td align=right>Cholesterol<input name='labtype' type='checkbox'
<tr><td align=right>CMV Ab IgM/G<input name='labtype' type='checkbox'
<td align=right>GLUCOSE - Fasting<input name='labtype' type='checkbox'
<tr><td align=right>GLUCOSE - Random<input name='labtype' type='checkbox'
<td align=right>Hepatitus B S Ag<input name='labtype' type='checkbox'

On the page I created if the person selects any of these then it should
submit it as name=labtype and value="whatever is selected"

this works.

Now upon getting this info onto my php script how would I say something like

for each item in the array labtype, print its value?

Any help would be really appreciated, I have had a look at a for loop trying
to use the following

for ($a=1; $a<50; $a++) {
        echo "<br>$labtype[$a]";

but this is not working for me. Can anyone direct me in the right way ???

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