Mike Mannakee wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, what problem are you trying to solve?  Including a
> file is so easy and takes so little time I wonder how this could be a
> problem.

Good question, glad you asked.

I have a header on all my pages. The header is HTML and contains images. 
    So of course I do an include("header.html") on all my pages ...

The header is about 20K, having PHP read 20k off the disk everytime a 
user visits my page seemed inneficient. So I was trying to find a way to 
get PHP to cache the file in memory so it wouldn't have to read it off 
disk all the time ...

I have lots of bandwidth but not enough money to pay for a proper 
SCSI/RAID disk set. All I have is a poor 7,2000 IDE HD. So the less disk 
seeks thebetter :)


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