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> If any script shall be executeable on such an old PHP release, this method
> sounds really good. But, for security reasons i would prefer to ship this
> in an extra script, which the user has explicitly to include (Maybe just
> paranoia)...[/snip]
umm....you'd have to include that line at the top of every function that uses 
get(or any of the other) vars(scoping reasons) or somehow pass it via a 
reference to the function. I've always added the line at the top.
> Hmm, anyway it would be better to force those old versions to be updated -
> since 1) there was a lot of security changes/updates and other bug fixes 2)
> new functions have been developed in more recent versions. i.e. executing
> stored procedures on MSSQL. I think, this will force people much more to
> update. Wouldn't it be better to force them now, than provide backward
> compatibility for _new_ scripts?[/snip]
Thats if the user has the option to upgrade - some system admin don't like to 
do their job...I know of quite a few isps still running 4.0.6:(

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