> I've been wondering about developing scripts that the end-user might
> on
> php < 4.1.0. I've heard allot of ways except for one that I recently
> thought
> of.
> How about using:
> - ----
> if(!isset($_GET)) { global $HTTP_GET_VARS; $_GET = &$HTTP_GET_VARS; }
> - ----
> ? That allows you to use $_GET as if you were using the new versions
> it
> only requires one line....and doesn't depend on the new versions to
> $HTTP_*_VARS. It also works for the other vars(POST, SESSION, etc).

Except the $_GET that you would create with older version would not be
superglobal. You would have to make it global in each function if it's
used within it.

---John Holmes...

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