> umm....you'd have to include that line at the top of every function that
> uses get(or any of the other) vars(scoping reasons) or somehow pass it via
> a reference to the function. I've always added the line at the top.

At the top of each _function_? Urgs. Sounds like a hell of a lot of work. 
Would be enough at the beginning of the script - or even better, creating a 
dummy include for that or it might even be posibile to run it via an 
.htaccess (how is this option named php_prepend or such?).
> Thats if the user has the option to upgrade - some system admin don't like
> to do their job...I know of quite a few isps still running 4.0.6:(

If they can't update the PHP Version they should update the ISP :-) Well, 
4.0.6 might be a "famous" release (as you can find this very often), but it's 
about 1 year old now... If ISPs don't updated, they make their own machines 
vulnerable - the only conclusion (to make them learn their lesson) can be, 
that customers keep on running away, ain't it?


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