Speaking form experience, get ready for a few headaches on this.

edit /usr/informix/etc/sqlhosts and have it look like this:

demo_on onipcshm        on_hostname     on_servername
demo_se seipcpip        se_hostname     sqlexec
archives1 setlitcp      archives1.mdah.state.ms.us      sqlexec

where archives1 is your host name.

Have /usr/informix/lib/sqlexecd archives1 running (I have it start on
startup and then wait 5 seconds and then start apache, seems to need this
elay for whatever reason.

You will need the Informix SDK installed on your box, it has the
nessessary libs and stuff that php will need.  You will need to compile
php using --with-informix.

I'll email you back in a second with an email sent to me on how to compile
it all.


On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Mark Colvin wrote:

> I have php 4.1.2 running on a linux 7.2 box. I want to make a connection to
> an Informix 7.2SE database running on a HP-UX 10.2 box. My issues are as
> follows -
> 1) Do I need informix software of any description running on the linux web
> server?
> 2) Can I configure the php informix modules into and up and running php
> build that doesn't currently have these modules.
> 3) Is there a step by step or guide on this type of connection anywhere?
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