Friday, October 4, 2002, 3:01:53 PM, you wrote:
JB> I've seen a few other post on this, and it sounds like there is more then
JB> one of use that is trying this script.  I've got it so that I can use the
JB> commands, but I still get errors on the page...

JB> here is what I have done.

JB> I downloaded libmycrpt from
JB> ftp://mcrypt.hellug.gr/pub/crypto/mcrypt/libmcrypt and configured it with
JB> the following options;

JB> ./configure \
JB>  --with-included-algos="rijndael-128 arcfour stream cbc cfb"\
JB>  --disable-posix-threads

That is a class I put together. I use libmcrypt-2.5.2 configured with:

configure --prefix=/usr --enable-ltdl-install=no

and mcrypt-2.6.2 configured with:

configure --prefix=/usr

and in php configure:

--with-mcrypt=/usr/src/mcrypt-2.6.2 (thats where it was untarred)

and it works like a dream :)


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