on 07/10/02 11:32 AM, David T-G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> It's a start; it confirms some of what I think I understand about
> sessions.  Now if only I can get the session ID out of the URL without
> using any cookies...  Any ideas, anyone?

I Thought I made it clear, but I'll try again :)

You have three options for maintaining state:

- Cookies
- POSTed forms

The most common method is plain cookies.  But if you want guaranteed state,
then URL is the answer.  My main problem with the URL method is that it
requires the writer(s) to be careful when typing links... ensuring that they
have the session ID in them.  Impossible for a CMS.  The answer is

More and more hosts are compiling with enable_trans_sid... what this does
is: attempt to pass the SID around in a cookie.  If this fails, it will
re-write any relative URLs in your pages to include the session ID... it's
the best of both worlds... transparent cookies if possible, otherwise the
SID is passed around in a URL.

So, this rules out a complaint about complicated URLs, because you don't
have to type them.

I urge you to look around all the big sites... if they need to maintain
state (a session) they do so with URLs... amazon.com, whatever -- they all
do it.

Why do you not wish to use URLs?


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