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% on 07/10/02 11:32 AM, David T-G ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
% > It's a start; it confirms some of what I think I understand about
% > sessions.  Now if only I can get the session ID out of the URL without
% > using any cookies...  Any ideas, anyone?
% I Thought I made it clear, but I'll try again :)

Thanks :-)

% You have three options for maintaining state:
% - Cookies
% - URL
% - POSTed forms

OK.  I was afraid of that...

% The most common method is plain cookies.  But if you want guaranteed state,

Sure, but I know that cookies won't work, so that rules them out.

% then URL is the answer.  My main problem with the URL method is that it
% requires the writer(s) to be careful when typing links... ensuring that they

Exactly.  It's cluttered and you have to be sure to get it right if
you're typing it in.

% have the session ID in them.  Impossible for a CMS.  The answer is
% enabel_trans_sid.

Well, sorta :-)

% More and more hosts are compiling with enable_trans_sid... what this does
% is: attempt to pass the SID around in a cookie.  If this fails, it will


% re-write any relative URLs in your pages to include the session ID... it's

So I can code without having to put the ID on the URLs myself?  So the
"transparent"-ness is for the programmer?  Well, I do like that...

% the best of both worlds... transparent cookies if possible, otherwise the
% SID is passed around in a URL.


% So, this rules out a complaint about complicated URLs, because you don't
% have to type them.

I may not have to type it as a programmer, but the user might have to
type it as a surfer.

% I urge you to look around all the big sites... if they need to maintain
% state (a session) they do so with URLs... amazon.com, whatever -- they all
% do it.

Yeah, I know.

% Why do you not wish to use URLs?

Because they're cluttered and it puts the session ID also in the user's
goto cache.

% Justin

Thanks & HAND

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