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> % re-write any relative URLs in your pages to include the session ID... it's
> So I can code without having to put the ID on the URLs myself?  So the
> "transparent"-ness is for the programmer?  Well, I do like that...


> % So, this rules out a complaint about complicated URLs, because you don't
> % have to type them.
> I may not have to type it as a programmer, but the user might have to
> type it as a surfer.

Nope.  Why would they type it?  The session is managed by PHP's session
functions... if 'page.php' has a session_start() call, it will assign a

Yes, they may acidently "bookmark" or "favourite" a session ID, and you'd
have to read up / test on the implications of this, but given there are only
three options, you have to work through them.

If they work for amazon, they can work for you... If you rule out cookies
and POST, then guess what you're left with :)


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