Alignment of elements in a table or form is really a HTML/CSS question.
Just to make matters worse, I have problems with aligning in IE, but not
NN... so perhaps there is no way to get it all working... try a HTML or CSS

Instead of a form, you could just have a clickable image, with any vars you
need in GET, not POST:

."&"}?>myvar=myvalue"><IMG SRC="images/cs-bttn.jpg" border="0"></a>

or perhaps what you want in your case is:

<A HREF="<?=$PHP_SELF?>?<?if($QUERY_STRING){ echo $QUERY_STRING ."&"}?>CS=
Customer Service"><IMG SRC="images/cs-bttn.jpg" border="0"></a>


Depends what you want to achieve on the next page.

Justin French

on 08/10/02 11:13 AM, Jeff Bluemel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I would like to do this without using a form...  is there a way I can recode
> this?
> I have the following table...  the button that originates from a form is out
> of alighnment, and sits higher then the rest.  how do I solve this?
> <TD><a href="main.phtml" target="_top"><IMG SRC="images/home-bttn.jpg"
> border="0"></a></TD>
> <TD>
> <form action="<?=$PHP_SELF?><?if($QUERY_STRING){ echo"?".
> $QUERY_STRING;}?>" method="POST">
> <input type="image" src="images/cs-bttn.jpg" value="Customer Service"
> name="CS" >
> </form>
> </TD>
> <TD><IMG src="images/rating-bttn.jpg"></TD>
> <TD><IMG src="images/batch-bttn.jpg"></TD>
> <TD><IMG src="images/admin-bttn.jpg"></TD>
> <TD><a href="logoff.php" target="_top"><IMG src="images/logoff-bttn.jpg"
> border="0"></a></TD>
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