Simon Taylor wrote:

>Well obviously - cos MySQL rocks!!, but seriously I also did some tests and
>got variable results from different db's - even got an odbc connection to
>access to run faster than mysql at one stage!! - something tells me there
>are other factors contributing..
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>Subject: [PHP] DB speed
>And i wan't to know if this is normal.
>Total time: 0.0576
>Execution time: 0.0185
>Total time: 0.0086
>Execution time: 0.0028 
If the MySQL table is standard (not INNODB) then there are no 
transactions, thus is faster.  I have not tried tests on these two 
databases in particular, but some (e.g. Oracle), cache results so a 
second time of asking can be very much quicker than the first.


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