Yes persistant connections to pg make a LOT of difference and are 
recommended.. I have never had overhead problems using them eaither. I 
am terribly sorry i didn't mention this before.

Just make sure you have proper indexes and you should be good to go.


Uros Gruber wrote:

>I make some more test for this.
>When i enable pconect (persistant) the result amazed me.
>Total time: 0.0070
>Execution time: 0.0034
>Total time: 0.0072
>Execution time: 0.0027
>Now PGSQL is as fast as mysql or maybe a littttttttle slower.
>So is this normal that non-persistant is so much overhead for
>pg. Is there any tools to check this. Or is some kind of a
>bug in php. I use 4.2.3. And pg is 7.2.1. Can somebody make
>some test. I can send script what i've run.

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