That's client side, so it doesn't really matter what server-side
scripting language you use.

You could write a javascript script that inserts a value into a field:

<script language=javascript>
function insertval(field, value)
        document.all(field).value = document.all(field).value + value;

<input type=button onclick="javascript:insertoum('textvalue','&#246');"


<input type=text name=textvalue>

Note that this example, which places an o with umlaut (I'm using one of
those English keyboards that don't have special characters and, since
I'm of Italian origin, I never bothered to create the binding on my
keyboard for umlauts) in a text field, probably won't work, since I'm
doing this by memory and have probably left something out (I'm cooking
our Thanksgiving dinner and I need a break!), but hopefully it should
give enough of an idea to get going.


On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 08:27, Phil Schwarzmann wrote:
> I need users to be able to insert special characters (ö and ä) into a
> text field.
> Unfortunately, English-speaking people do not have these keys on their
> keyboards.  Currently, they are cutting and pasting these characters
> into the text boxes.
> I believe ASP can insert characters into text fields by pressing a form
> button….can PHP do something like this?
> Thanks!!

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