On Monday, October 14, 2002 10:44 PM
Maxim Maletsky wrote:

> "ALT" key? I don't think so.
> The only way to type other language's characters is by switch the
> keyboard layout (ALT-SHIFT, usually) so your keyboard inputs the
> ASCII mapped to your keys. That's the only way. And, anyhow, it
> has nothing to do with PHP at that point. It's client-side.

"ALT" key? Yes. Try it. ;)

Press and hold the ALT key then type 97 (on the 10-key), release the 
ALT key and it'll produce the small letter "a". Do the same for letter "b" 
by pressing 98 and so on.

But of course, this has nothing to do with PHP. (And besides, you need 
to know the ASCII codes to produce them...)

- E

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