Well, in Linux (if you're using X) we have "key bindings" and "dead
keys", that allow you to create combinations of keypresses that are
translated into special characters. For example, since I sometimes write
in Italian and need accented letters, I have programmed my X so that if
I press the left Windows key and then a vowel I get the acute accented
version of that vowel. Same thing with the right Windows key, except
that it produces grave accents. I only use the Windows keys because I
have a MS natural keyboard and those two keys are pretty much useless on
Linux, so they come in handy as "dead" keys.

Hope this explains--it's the thirteen seconds version :-)

On Mon, 2002-10-14 at 09:25, Chris Hewitt wrote:
> Phil Schwarzmann wrote:
> >I need users to be able to insert special characters ( and ) into a
> >text field.
> > 
> >Unfortunately, English-speaking people do not have these keys on their
> >keyboards.  Currently, they are cutting and pasting these characters
> >into the text boxes.
> > 
> >I believe ASP can insert characters into text fields by pressing a form
> >button....can PHP do something like this?
> >
> Nothing to do with the language used on a server, everything to do with 
> the operating system the client uses. If your client computer runs MS 
> Windows, holding down the "Alt" key and pressing the ASCII number for 
> the character wanted on the digits on the number pad will give the 
> character. I'm afraid I don't know the equivalent if your client 
> computers run linux (I'm sure there is one and its just my ignorance). 
> I'd be interested to know the answer.
> Chris
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