Dear Jay,

I have now had a look in the FM and whilst it does help if you know how to
use regular expressions I think that you are being a little disingenuous.
Having to parse the HTML is more complicated than is suggest in your reply.
If it is so simple perhaps you might spend 5 minutes generating the regular
expression to use that will ignore the contents of tags save for the
contents of quotes within meta tags and do the replace for an associative
array of mappings.

Hope your day is getting better in Texas.


"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> [snip]
> What; nobody has anything to say about parsing HTML and doing search and
> replaces!! Is there another news group that might be better suited? I do
> want to do it PHP if I hadn't made that clear.
> Somebody, anybody, please help.
> [/snip]
> What? No one wants to help someone who didn't search the manual for
> expressions? Things like eregi_replace()?
> RTFM, this is very basic.
> Having a bad day in Texas... :^[ *grrr*
> Jay

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