XML, by definition is an eXtensible Markup Language.  That means the
markup associated with a document can be whatever that person wants it
to be.  I think a better question to ask is if there are any projects
out there who are working toward a standard XML document type for
contact information, and there probably is.  However, I don't believe
that the many CMS' (including my own), forums, link directories, etc.,
would ever be able to use a unified package (and especially not a
unified user manager).  Each CMS has its own way of dealing with content
and how that content is managed; it is all proprietary to that
particular system.  I do think, however, it should be possible to
convert from one CMS to another, and in fact, there are some members of
my team who want to create a phpnuke-to-enetwizard and vice versa
utility for doing things like that.  And I think that with time one will
exist.  But getting others to adopt such an idea would probably be
difficult, since they want you to use their software.  :)

-Samuel | http://enetwizard.net

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i might be crazy, but why don't the many CMS, forum, link directory, 
etc packages integrate with a unified user manager?
is this possible?  is there perhaps an xml standard for contact 
datatypes that could be used?

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