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taylor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> i might be crazy, but why don't the many CMS, forum, link directory, 
> etc packages integrate with a unified user manager?
> is this possible?  is there perhaps an xml standard for contact 
> datatypes that could be used?

There is a system in PEAR that does that - and I think if they can
really get it right - and get it widely used, it will be a killer tool -
avoiding all the problems you say.  XML is, I  think, the wrong tool for
this job though.  

As others have said, making better use of classes to package up
applications, even if it means that a program is just a very thin layer
that calls the class, would also be incredibly useful - if they just
dump output to screen - or use one common template solution (like
http://Smarty.php.net).  then programmers (like me) could really take
different systems and with some very simple configuration, they would
just all work together, and without having to write inside a particular
framework, like phpNuke or Horde.


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