On 29 Oct 2002 at 0:14, taylor wrote:

> i might be crazy, but why don't the many CMS, forum, link directory, etc
> packages integrate with a unified user manager? is this possible?  is
> there perhaps an xml standard for contact datatypes that could be used?

I'm not sure I understand you but I think you might be talking about 
what I'm thinking about and reading about in compent software 
architecture (book I'm reading).

Actually, if most of these CMS just used Classes (properly) and used a 
template system then you'd have half of the ball game. I've worked on 
some CMS in PHP and they drive me nuts. I think you'll find that most 
PHP stuff is just slung together.


> CORBA is the acronym for Common Object Request Broker Architecture,
> OMG's open, vendor-independent architecture and infrastructure that
> computer applications use to work together over networks.


Been reading more about it but have not absorbed near enough to 
consider using. 

SOAP, eh

But hey, just good Class design would be a great place to start. Not 
that I'm that great myself, but I see that as a quick, early win in the 
ballgame to really re-use stuff. 


I've only got one framework in PHP on that site so far. Most are Perl 
systems. But of course the site itself uses GeekLog which is certainly 
easy to setup but I just haven't had much time to see how easy it is to 
extend. It doesn't use Smarty or any better template system and for 
that reason I'm leery. But I like it better than Nuke which a customer 
is using and I've had to work with. 


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