hi, i am a competant perl programmer of nearly a year and a half and I have
just this week started looking at php.

I am trying to write a couple of webpages that will allow me to update a
mysql database which is powering a dns server, for a dynamic dns service.

every time i have tried to grab some stuff from the database and check the
login or domain permissions, I get stuck in a mess of ifs and whiles.

can anyone give me an idead on the best method/starting place.

my database looks like this:

users -- pairs of usernames/user_ids
domains -- matches domainnames/domain_ids/passkeys to user_ids
records -- all the dns records. not got to this point yet.

the keys also have to be digetst::md5 encrypted to compare with those in the
database. I think i may need cookies for this so any help would be greatly

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