there is no real hurry on the app but obviously I can't afford the lay down
on the job. i would appreciate the help and especciallu the comments, but
only if you are sure you have the time.

this is the sort of options the user would have:

sign up user
                create domain
                delete domain
                administer domain
                        update one A, one CNAME and one MX record

they shouldn't have control to add unlimited records, but maybe a way to
allow certain users to have certain limits. I hope I am not askin too much,
just say the word and we'll drop it.

thanks for all your help


On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 04:08:05 +0100, Martin Hudec wrote:
> Hello Mat,
> I would recommend to not use passkeys in domains...rather in per user
> is user can administer various domains i
> think..he will have to remember many passwords....or even if they are
> the make passs key for each record in domain
> more data stored....hmmm...okay i am going home
> now,...will wait for while for your new fast you need this
> app to be done?
> I can make you whole app if you want...also ill include comments for
> you to see on things...just how fast you need it...and ..when user
> logs in he only needs to create, update and delete records right?
> anyway thanks for sql dump, itll help a lot :)
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  Martin                            mailto:corwin@;
> Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 3:55:28 PM, you wrote:
> MH> attached is a dump of the mysql database. The passkeys are not on a per user
> MH> basis, but rather per domain. this can change if that is not good.

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