attached is a dump of the mysql database. The passkeys are not on a per user
basis, but rather per domain. this can change if that is not good.

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 03:36:58 +0100, Martin Hudec wrote:
> Hello Mat,
> MH> hi, i am a competant perl programmer of nearly a year and a half and I have
> MH> just this week started looking at php.
> I am the same but reversed ;)...just started perl :)
> MH> I am trying to write a couple of webpages that will allow me to update a
> MH> mysql database which is powering a dns server, for a dynamic dns service.
> sounds pretty easy for me....
> MH> every time i have tried to grab some stuff from the database and check the
> MH> login or domain permissions, I get stuck in a mess of ifs and whiles.
> what kind of ifs and whiles? well when i am looking below to see
> tables in db i think user will log in...then he will see only his
> domains (identified by user_id) and he need to be able to modify them,
> delete them I right? Hmmm what kind of keys?...i cant see any
> password or something like that in users table, only user_ids
> (probably auto_incrementing PK) and usernames...hmmm
> MH> can anyone give me an idead on the best method/starting place.
> MH> my database looks like this:
> MH> users -- pairs of usernames/user_ids
> MH> domains -- matches domainnames/domain_ids/passkeys to user_ids
> MH> records -- all the dns records. not got to this point yet.
> -- 
> Best regards,
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