I am developing a website in PHP that stores all its information in a MySQL
database. The webserver is a FreeBSD box running Apache with pretty much all
extensions installed (its owned by a friend of mine who works for an ISP. He
is competant at setting this sort of box up, so I am confident its all
installed correctly).

Now, the site works fine 100% of the time when I visit it from home (Amiga
4000, with any of these browsers: AWeb, IBrowse and Voyager), but when I
visit from my work computer (IE 6, Windows 98 SE, going through an NT4 server
with Microsoft Web Proxy 2.0), lots of MySQL errors appear, that go away
after a refresh or two! They happen on pretty much ANY page that accesses
MySQL, and its an intermittant problem.

It even occurs on pages where the mysql query is a hardcoded string, so it is
not related to realtime-generated queries.

Now, 2 or 3 friends have visited the site with linux boxes and windows, using
Opera, Mozilla and IE, and don't get any MySQL errors, so it only seems to be
when I visit from work! I also tried from a couple of my colleagues machines
today (same web proxy, some IE 5.5, some IE6), and they didn't get any, so
they only seem to occur when i visit from this one machine!

This is confusing the hell out of me because PHP and MySQL is all server side,
and surely the final HTML served should be the same no matter where I visit

This is the type of error that I get from my work machine:

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
resource in /home/httpd/www.videobrewery.com/shownews.php on line 40

So it appears the original mysql_query() is failing. What could be causing
that from the client end?!


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