Well, the only thing that comes from the client side is GET, POST, or COOKIE
data. All the browsers should handle GET and POST data the same, so I doubt
that's it. Is the work computer your on accepting cookies? Are values from
cookies or sessions used anywhere in the SQL in question?

---John Holmes...

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From: "Peter Gordon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 3:20 PM
Subject: [PHP] Strange intermittant errors

> Hi,
> I am developing a website in PHP that stores all its information in a
> database. The webserver is a FreeBSD box running Apache with pretty much
> extensions installed (its owned by a friend of mine who works for an ISP.
> is competant at setting this sort of box up, so I am confident its all
> installed correctly).
> Now, the site works fine 100% of the time when I visit it from home (Amiga
> 4000, with any of these browsers: AWeb, IBrowse and Voyager), but when I
> visit from my work computer (IE 6, Windows 98 SE, going through an NT4
> with Microsoft Web Proxy 2.0), lots of MySQL errors appear, that go away
> after a refresh or two! They happen on pretty much ANY page that accesses
> MySQL, and its an intermittant problem.
> It even occurs on pages where the mysql query is a hardcoded string, so it
> not related to realtime-generated queries.
> Now, 2 or 3 friends have visited the site with linux boxes and windows,
> Opera, Mozilla and IE, and don't get any MySQL errors, so it only seems to
> when I visit from work! I also tried from a couple of my colleagues
> today (same web proxy, some IE 5.5, some IE6), and they didn't get any, so
> they only seem to occur when i visit from this one machine!
> This is confusing the hell out of me because PHP and MySQL is all server
> and surely the final HTML served should be the same no matter where I
> from!
> This is the type of error that I get from my work machine:
> Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
> resource in /home/httpd/www.videobrewery.com/shownews.php on line 40
> So it appears the original mysql_query() is failing. What could be causing
> that from the client end?!
> Cheers,
> Pete
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