G'day David

 > > My problem is that files uploaded through a form are 
 > > increasing in size.

 > Doesn't that look like the EOL characters are being 
 > translated after the fashion of ftp ascii transfers?

 > Maybe have a look at the two versions in a 
 > hex viewer and see if that is the case? 

Yes, I'd considered that.  That was what I'd gone looking for in config
files etc.  I'd hoped to find a switch for ftp transfer mode.  Didn't
find one though.

However, partly because of your email and partly because I noted that
the file size increase was the same every time (27 bytes) I decided to
load it into a hex editor.

What I found was that at the top of the file, the following had been

Content-Type: image/gif


I also found that if I remove these two lines the image will display

So, my next question is, why does my linux box add this to an uploaded
image and my windows box not do so?  Can someone make a suggestion on
where I should be looking?  Is the addition of this information a server
(Apache) thing?  Or is it a php thing?

CYA, Dave

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