For what it's worth, I ran into this the other day, except I'm not 
using the MAX_FILE_SIZE tag in the form. I have a variable set in the 
action script that is set to the max size in KB, I take the user's 
filesize, divide it by 1024 to get it to KB, then run an 'if' statement 
to decide whether to upload it or not.

Anyway, in my php.ini settings, I have a max size of 8M - when I tried 
uploading a 10M file using IE6, the script simply did not execute 
beyond the file upload stage, i.e. it didn't upload the entire file, 
then give me the 'Cannot find server...' page. If I can remember this 
correctly, it just went directly to a white screen, as if there were a 
parse error involved. I checked the error logs and it said that the 8M 
file limit was exceeded. But it did this without waiting for the entire 
file to be uploaded first.

Jason Soza

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From: Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2002 8:49 am
Subject: Re: [PHP] File upload problem

> On Tuesday 07 May 2002 19:09, David Freeman wrote:
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> >  > Hmm, after a bit of testing I find that the MAX_FILE_SIZE
> >  > tag is useless to say the least (probably because no browsers 
> support>
> > it?)
> >
> > That's somewhat of a shame I guess but I can hardly claim to be
> > surprised - especially as I've just spent much of my time in the 
> last> couple of days wrestling with browser rendering 
> compatibility issues for
> > a client's web site - from which my only significant conclusion 
> was that
> > Netscape sucks.
> >
> >  > 1) you still have to wait for the whole 5MB to be uploaded
> >  > 2) php sees the MAX_FILE_SIZE setting is exceeded then
> >  > discards the file
> >
> > An opportunity to do something lost - although I guess you might 
> be able
> > to do some javascripting to achieve the same.  But then, that 
> wouldn't> require you to have the hidden field either.
> Done some more tests. The good news is that it seems that browsers 
> can and do 
> respect the limits set on the server (php.ini). For example in 
> php.ini I set 
> the "post_max_size" to 32M then when I upload a 33M file, the 
> browser has a 
> quick word with the server and ascertains that the file is over 
> the limit and 
> stops.
> The bad news is that out of Opera, NN and IE only Opera works 
> properly in 
> this respect. NN uploads the file then gives "Network Error: 
> Connection reset 
> by peer". IE uploads the file then gives "Cannot find server, page 
> cannot be 
> displayed" (!!).
> These were quick and dirty tests and should not be taken as gospel.
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