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 > Hmm, after a bit of testing I find that the MAX_FILE_SIZE 
 > tag is useless to say the least (probably because no browsers support

That's somewhat of a shame I guess but I can hardly claim to be
surprised - especially as I've just spent much of my time in the last
couple of days wrestling with browser rendering compatibility issues for
a client's web site - from which my only significant conclusion was that
Netscape sucks.

 > 1) you still have to wait for the whole 5MB to be uploaded
 > 2) php sees the MAX_FILE_SIZE setting is exceeded then 
 > discards the file

An opportunity to do something lost - although I guess you might be able
to do some javascripting to achieve the same.  But then, that wouldn't
require you to have the hidden field either.

CYA, Dave

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