The other day, one of my clients asked me this very tricky question:

"Can we also use that XML data for making MS Word (.doc) files?"

Our system is designed to produce XML output independently to then later
transform it into HTML with PHP/XSLT and PDF with FOP. Now, the client
also wants MS Word.

I doubted he could, but my intuition suggested me to research on it.
Without any luck so far.

Does anyone know if there is any possibility doing it? I looked on web
but did not really find anything.

So, questions are:

1. How doable is it creating a MS Word file from XML data being based on

2. Can XSL do that somehow combined with somewhat?

3. Any relevant experiences and case studies? Anyone?

4. Articles? Web resources? Discussions?

5. A wild guess: can simple XSL be outputted with MS Word specific
output headers/meta tags to then let MS Office do the rest? (client-based?).
I found something about Smart Tags but got soon compatibility doubts.


Maxim Maletsky

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