I'd go with RTF or PDF. I know there is a way to do PDF from inside of PHP. That's the best you're going to get I think. Even AbiWord and kword have a difficult time with .doc files, whether reading or writing.(I don't think kword writes, been away from the word processor for awhile, weeee).

Hope this helps.


Maxim Maletsky wrote:

So, questions are:

1. How doable is it creating a MS Word file from XML data being based on

2. Can XSL do that somehow combined with somewhat?

3. Any relevant experiences and case studies? Anyone?

4. Articles? Web resources? Discussions?

5. A wild guess: can simple XSL be outputted with MS Word specific
output headers/meta tags to then let MS Office do the rest? (client-based?).
I found something about Smart Tags but got soon compatibility doubts.


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