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>Anyone like to recommend a good host with good uptime for a high traffic
>The host would need excellent technical support as well as be feature rich
>(Multiple MySQL database support/listserver/SSL support etc.)

I use e-navn.dk. They've got an international branch called dotserv.com.
They've got blindingly fast support ... I've had them reply to support
requests by e-mail in a matter of hours ... on a saturday...

The Danish one is among Scandinavias cheapest and most respected/used

You can get whatever you want there. Their solutions are all mix-and-match
based. CGI, and PHP, and mail comes with free with all webhotels, ASP with
some (it depends on size what get included). Anything else is extra for a
small fee...or you can buy bigger and get it for free.

They offer Personal CGI (make/use your own), Perl, Perlscript, SSI, PHP,
ASP, JSP, Frontpage support, MySQL, Access, Postgres, SSL, besides what
comes with the hotels.

You can run Real video, and they offer modules for e-shopping sites.
Guaranteed 99% uptime, 24/7 support, free traffic, 155 Mbit line...

Just contact them about your needs, and they'll give a fixed price per
month ... you just pay as much in advance as you want ...

Enough commercials:
For the Danish host (e-navn.dk), go here:

For the international host (dotserv.com), go here:

Rene Brehmer
System developer in the making...

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