I've recently had a very good experience with a hosting company,
there website is at: http://www.spenix.com/

Great feature set, superior support, and so-far perfect
uptime/performance in hardware, software, and bandwidth. I definetly
recommend them to anyone looking for quality hosting.

Adam Voigt

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 13:36, Steve Jackson wrote:
> Anyone like to recommend a good host with good uptime for a high traffic
> site?
> The host would need excellent technical support as well as be feature rich
> (Multiple MySQL database support/listserver/SSL support etc.)
> I have been trying out phpwebhosting.com and they seem very good but I am
> not happy with their technical support which is very slow response time. We
> are based in Europe and they are in the US which might lead to problems as
> they haven't answered any of our queries. Saying that they have a good
> automated process in place which is easy to use.
> Anyone out there have high volume sites with a feature rich hosting
> solution?
> Any examples of Phpwebhosting welcomed as well.
> regards
> steve.

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