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Subject: RE: [PHP] Saving form input fields to MySQL br clicking on a button

I created a button called "Memorize" but how do I have the page save the
values to my MySQL database when the user clicks on the button.  I
understand that I can only use JavaScript to trap the "OnClick()" function
and not PHP but I cannot use JavaScript to write to a MySQL table.  I do not
want to submit as that would reload the form and the user would lose other
changes to other fields.

Any idea?

Yep. Submit the form variables to a PHP script that either does a SQL UPDATE
or INSERT depending upon the condition of the form information. JavaScript
is not necessary for this.





But how do I submit to a PHP script without moving off of the form?  The
user will be entering lots of information while only a particular section
pertains to the Memorize button.  If the user clicks on the button, wont it
move off of the page thereby causing the user to lose all their form input?

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