These two ideas, I really like.  Saves me lots of coding

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  Why not use the Memorize button to set a hidden field? Or just use a check
  Since you are going to be submitting the data anyway, save the fields at
  that time depending on whether or not the check box/hidden filed is set?

  > Hi,
  > I have a form where the user enters some information.  For a particular
  > section of the form, I'd like the user to be able to save what he/she
  > entered so that the next time they feel out the form, they can recall
  > without the need to retype.  This is not for the entire form but only for
  > few input text fields.
  > I created a button called "Memorize" but how do I have the page save the
  > values to my MySQL database when the user clicks on the button.  I
  > understand that I can only use JavaScript to trap the "OnClick()" function
  > and not PHP but I cannot use JavaScript to write to a MySQL table.  I do
  > want to submit as that would reload the form and the user would lose other
  > changes to other fields.
  > Any idea?
  > Don
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