At 20:13 06.11.2002, Jason Young spoke out and said:
>So then can anyone tell me why its working so far? ;)
>I am trying out every single function in this page in hopes to catch 
>something,  but so far I don't see any breakage - I can see there are a 
>few ways to skin this cat.. the original code I posted DOES work.. I 
>still may be blind to any future breakings.. that's why I posted it. 
>Unfortunately,  I'm getting responses saying that this code won't work 
>at all - when it does.. :-/

Well - it's a miracle... I just tried the code you posted, and indeed PHP
(v.4.2.2) allows numeric identifiers - BUT ONLY as long as you're accessing
it indirectly.

        $key = 0;
        $$key = 'some data';    // works
        echo $$key;             // works
        echo "Key 0: $0"        // prints "$0", not the content (wrong)
        echo $0;                // error "unexpected T_DNUMBER"

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