At 20:40 06.11.2002, Jason Young spoke out and said:
>register_globals is definately off..
>Maybe its a PHP miracle,  as Ernest suggested.. maybe Rasmus or someone 
>else on the PHP dev team has something to say about it, but it works.. 
>maybe you all could use it :-D


as Chris already pointed out, this code doesn't do what you intend to do.
You don't get an error because you do not access the variable name directly
- at least not the variable your code generates (which is $0, $1, $2, etc).
If you did you'd get a decent parser error - but unfortunately your data
hides behind these identifiers.

If register_globals is off I have absolutely no idea why you still have
them available. Please recheck your testing code - I'm sure you'll notice
the glitch...

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