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I've found a little problem that's not explicitly a php problem but I was
hoping that php may be the solution.

Someone is shown an image and then asked if they wish to change that
image. If they answer yes they are taken to an upload form and the new
image is upload to the server overwitting the old image using the same
filename. They are then taken to a page to show them the image they just
uploaded but the old image is diplayed from cache instead of the new photo
being shown. I'm using absolute path to the image on the server, not URL.

Is there a way to get the script to load in the new photos?
When you create the src tag in for the image, add a random number query string - that will cause the browser to request the image instead of using the cached version. I.e...

echo '<img src="/images/image.jpg?'.rand(1000,9999).'">';


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