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> I think the random number query will work but I have a problem with the
>context of the echo line.
>Here's how I get the image path.
>$root_path = "/www/special_projects/Elkhart";
>$agent_url = "$root_path/$agent_name";
><img src="<? echo $agent_url; ?>">
>How would I use the rand function in the above statement?

1) I believe the root path you gave is the server's file path, not the URL
it should point to... well, it just looks like this.

2) code your template like this:
        <img src="<?php echo "$root_path/$agent_name?r=", random();?>">

This will result in something like
        <img src="/www/special_projects/Elkhart/your.agent.jpg?r=17382">

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