I have tried escaping with backslashes and also tried
forward slashes with no luck. I believe my path
specification is correct because I can look at
different directories. 
$cmd = "dir c:\abc\efg";
system ($cmd, $errCode);
Correctly display the content of "efg", and the 
errCode is 0;

I think the key to my problem is the return_var
(errCode) of 128. (That is what I get in errCode when
I try to execute hello.exe)

Do you know where the return_var(s) for php 
(exec, system, ...) are defined?

Is there something in php.ini that have to be set up
inorder to be able to execute a file on the server?

I have looked at php.net but had no luck.

Thanks for your suggestions.

"Marek Kilimajer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in
message news:3DCBCF6B.9050000@;webglobe.sk...
> escape your backslashes:
> $cmd = "c:\\abc\\hello.exe";
> Ladan Pickering wrote:
> >I am unable to execute my c++ program from within
PHP when it runs as a
> >cgi in Apache. 
> >I am able to run:
> >
> >$cmd="dir c:\abc"
> >system ($cmd, $errCode);
> >
> >and see the content of the directory, but I don't
seem to
> >be able to run a simple hello.exe (c++) file.
> >
> >$cmd = "c:\abc\hello.exe";
> >system ($cmd, $errCode);
> >
> >The errCode always comes back with 128. What does
128 mean?
> > 
> >Here is some info on my setup.
> >OS: Windows XP
> >Server: Apache 2.0.43 (win32)
> >PHP 4.2.3
> >I am running PHP as a CGI
> >
> >I am able to execute my c++ program (hello.exe)
from this .php file 
> >just fine if I use the PHP cli.
> > 
> >I appreciate any help.
> >
> >
> >  
> >

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