Thanks Ernest for your suggestion.
I tried you idea with forward and backward slashes and
nothing seem
to change. I still see the return_var of 128. PHP is
trying to tell me what
the problem was, but I am unable to find what 128
means. Any idea as
where the the "return_var" for the "system" and "exec"
commands are defined?


--- Ernest E Vogelsinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> At 00:00 09.11.2002, Ladan Pickering said:
> --------------------[snip]--------------------
> >When I look at the program (hello.exe) under
> cygwin.
> >I see that the "x" bit is set for all. As far as I
> can
> >tell anyone is permitted to execute this program.
> --------------------[snip]-------------------- 
> Make your command like this
>     c:/abc/hello.exe 2>&1
> to see if some error is given... might be a problem
> with environment space?
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